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Pamela and her children had nowhere to go

Pamela's Story

The Trust’s support has been life changing for me, I’m not sure where I’d be today without it

Pamela had been working as a Healthcare Assistant in Croydon, Surrey, when her circumstances took a turn for the worse. On the verge of homelessness she was struggling to hold on to her job, all whilst looking after her two children.

Pamela sought help and was put in contact with Cavell Nurses’ Trust and they were able to provide financial help towards a deposit for a flat. The Trust was also able to secure finance from the Junius S Morgan Benevolent Fund and the RCN Foundation which all contributed to Pamela and her children moving into their new property. Pamela can now relax knowing that her children are happy in their own home.

“Not only did the Trust help me financially but emotionally too. Their compassion, at a time when other services had simply dismissed my need for help, meant so much to me and is not something I’ll forget. Most importantly my children are now much happier as a result, so for that I’m truly grateful."

“My daughter is so happy and proud of her mum and that makes me at peace. God bless and reward you for the impact you make on people’s lives”

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