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Myra traveled to Australia to experience specialist mental health services for Aboriginal peoples

Myra's Story

I am so grateful to Cavell Nurses' Trust for supporting me in this opportunity.

Winner of the 2013-14 Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, Myra Ariyaratnam, used her award funding to go on a six-week placement in Australia.

Myra, who has just completed the second year of her three-year mental health nursing degree at Edinburgh Napier University, has been studying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ experiences of mental health 'Down Under'.

Her placement included four weeks at Graylands Psychiatric Hospital in Perth, half of which was spent working with the specialist Aboriginal mental health service.

Myra also spent a week in Broome, in the north of Western Australia, meeting with community services involved in Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing, before her final week took her to Brisbane which included a day at a specialist Aboriginal health centre.

Myra said: "I was looking at the injustices of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have been so marginalised by statutory legislation.

"I came across a lot of Aboriginal patients with mental health issues, which was disproportionate compared to the rest of the population of Australia, and was able to see the different social injustices they have suffered while I was out in the community."

She added: "It was hard work but very exciting, and I am so grateful to Cavell Nurses' Trust for supporting me in this opportunity."