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Kerry used her funding for professional development

Kerry's Story

I would like to say thank you for the educational opportunities that the Scholarship has facilitated

When I was first informed I had won the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for 2015, I found it difficult to believe and I still do; I consider myself so very fortunate to have been chosen. I originally had plans to use the bursary to go on overseas placement to Canada but family commitments meant that was not feasible. Instead I contacted the Trust to ask if I might use it to attend some educational courses that would improve both my knowledge and my employment prospects once I qualified. I was duly given permission to do this and set about organising the courses.

I have so far attended and passed the Newborn Life Support program, which is an intense course dedicated to emergency measures relating to resuscitating newborn infants in both hospital and community settings. I have also begun a hypnobirthing course, which will enable me to both teach women hypnobirthing and provide support for labouring women who have undertaken such courses antenatally. I believe it will also help to improve my care for all women I look after as the basis of the teaching is relaxation and breathing techniques which are utilised greatly in all labours.

Additionally, I am booked to attend a teaching program called ‘ALSO’ which is Advanced Life-Support in Obstetrics – this teaches advanced skills for resuscitation and support of critically ill women during pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period. I was hoping to undertake this course sooner, but the workload that accompanies my final year has meant that I will need to wait until all of my assignments are completed.

I would just like to say thank you for the educational opportunities that the scholarship has facilitated my attendance on, which I would not otherwise have had access to due to financial constraints. Such training is exceptionally expensive, and I would never have been able to meet the expense of attending them without the support of Cavell Nurses' Trust. I regularly inform my colleagues and fellow students about the amazing work of the Trust, and look forward to supporting you fully when I am qualified.

Kerry is the winner of the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 2015. To find out more about our awards and to apply, please visit our Scholarship Award pages.