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Dominic's Story

You were a ray of hope!

As Dominic puts it he “fell into” nursing, but his sisters, who are both nurses, may have influenced his career choice. Once he’d qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 1985, nursing quickly became much more than just a job for Dominic. Seeing his patients leaving hospital having recovered always gave him a boost. Having seen them at their most stressed, he was always glad he could offer them support and make a real difference to their lives.

After a long career in Mental Health nursing Dominic was forced to give up the profession he loved in 2009 due to ill health and soon found he was struggling to make ends meet. His financial situation got worse and on occasion he had to rely on local food banks to get by. To make things worse, the antiquated hot water system in Dominic’s house stopped working and he found himself without hot water for three months. He had to rely on the kindness of friends, asking to use their shower facilities.

“I was struggling to pay bills as it was and when the hot water failed I just thought, well what on earth am I going to do now?”

In despair, he did an internet search and discovered Cavell Nurses’ Trust, a charity that gives welfare support to nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants experiencing financial or personal hardship, often because of illness, domestic abuse, disability, and older age.

Due to his dedication to nursing, Dominic qualified for financial help and the Trust was able to provide him with a grant of £750 to cover the cost of a replacement hot water cylinder and immersion heater. He was over the moon…

“I will never take hot water for granted again! What a wonderful service you provide - just when I thought no one was able to help me your charity was there for me. You were a ray of hope!”

There is nothing quite like a hot bath and Cavell Nurses’ Trust was delighted to be able to provide that for Dominic.

Dominic found that the hardest part was actually building up the courage to ask for help. As a nurse, he would always put others first rather than looking out for himself. Now though, he would definitely encourage other Nurses, Midwives and Healthcare Assistants to just ask for help when they find themselves in need.

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