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Crisis in Amy's life almost forced her to end her nursing studies

Amy's Story

I was able to get help when I needed it most, and the support I received has made a huge difference to my life.

Amy was left without a permanent roof over her head after being forced to flee the family home because of domestic abuse. But, with the help of Cavell Nurses' Trust, she is now settled in her own rented flat and has also been able to complete her nursing studies and start her first role as a nurse.

Amy, 31-year-old from Bristol, was left with no money and nowhere to turn after fleeing the family home which she shared with her mother and stepfather. She spent several weeks in a safe house in the Bristol area after suffering mental abuse which had been going on for many, many years.

"I left with nothing apart from what I was standing in. I had no money and no job. I felt so alone.

"Fortunately I had the support of a very good friend so, when I moved out, I stayed with them for a few weeks."

Amy, who had worked as a healthcare assistant for 13 years from leaving school before enrolling at university, was then offered a room in a safe house through the Missing Link organisation, but her poor mental state due to her experiences meant she was unable to work in between her studying.

"During the time of my crisis I was on university study block so I didn't have to worry about going in to practical placement, but being unfit to work meant I had no finances coming in and no means of replenishing what I had lost."

We awarded Amy a single payment of £250 as well as a weekly grant of £30, which was extended after the initial six months to a full year to take her up to the end of her nursing studies.

"The help I got from Cavell Nurses' Trust has been invaluable, I was able to get help when I needed it most, and the support I received has made a huge difference to my life. When I was told about the grants I felt an enormous sense of relief, as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The initial money paid for basics in the flat such as curtains, while the weekly grant has enabled me to pay for day to day essentials like heating and food which I obviously couldn't do without. The last payment enabled me to have a comfortable Christmas in my own home, which is something I wouldn't have been able to do without their help.

"For this I am forever grateful."

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