You are not alone

Help for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants

For many nurses, midwives and HCAs, leaving work through ill-health or retirement can result in feeling isolated from colleagues and friends, often after a lifetime of service.

The caring nature of the job, and responsibility for the well-being of patients makes team-work with other nurses as well as doctors even more important than in many other professions.

But for some nurses, midwives. and healthcare assistants ill-health or financial hardship after leaving work can lead to them struggling even more.

Serious illness or family conflicts such as an abusive marriage can add to them feeling or becoming isolated from family, friends, neighbours and former colleagues.

And that's where we can help

We supported more than 2,200 people last year. From giving a listening ear, to help maximising benefits and around £0.5 million in financial support.

We're here for nurses.