Our Trustees

Susan Gostick

Susan Gostick (Chair). While I have never had first hand experience as a nurse, midwife or health care assistant, I have always had great admiration and indebtedness for the fantastic job they do, especially in often difficult circumstances. Equally many of my close family are in the profession, with my aunt and sister being nurses and my niece a newly qualified midwife. Cavell Nurses’ Trust gives me the opportunity to give something back and say a big thank you.My own career has been in the very different world of finance, having spent over 30 years in the asset management and pensions industries. I am now also chair of a large pension scheme and spent time focused on Environment, Social and Governance issues and how we can help save the planet.


Deborah Critchley

Deborah Critchley. I am a registered general nurse with over 30 years experience working across all sectors of health. I run a consultancy and interim management company primarily working with healthcare organisations. I was born in the Midlands and studied at Derby and Nottingham University. I feel privileged to be a trustee of Cavell Nurses’ Trust and I’m particularly keen to ensure the charity supports more and more nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants every year who find themselves in financial hardship. I’m also keen that the charity continues the legacy of Edith Cavell who was an inspiration to us all, keeping her values alive through the work of the charity. I also want to value and support the fantastic Cavell team who work relentlessly and with passion to enable the charity grows from strength to strength. I live in Oxfordshire and in my spare time enjoy walking, volunteering and travelling.


Gill Cox

Jill Cox. I am a general and mental health nurse with wide experience working at board and Chief Executive level. Since 2000 I have run a successful company providing independent healthcare advice for organisations in the UK and Internationally. I am proud to be a Trustee of Cavell Nurses’ Trust to support the fantastic work for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants. The life of Edith Cavell is inspirational and her values and courage and strength is still needed to be a nurse today.
I love to walk and my most memorable so far is from Florence to Assisi, I am planning to finish the route from there to Rome. Part of the joy for me is learning about food along the way so I can cook on my return.


Paul Jackson Clark

Paul Jackson-Clark. I’ve spent more than 25 years in the UK voluntary sector and have been lucky enough to enjoy many varied roles at a number of incredible

organisations. For the past 12 years I’ve been a Trustee of Cavell Nurses’ Trust and for 10 of those years my day job has been Director of Fundraising at Parkinson’s UK. When I’m not working I enjoy family time with my wife Jenny and two sons Luke and Thomas, can be found riding a bike most days and have a penchant for 80’s rock music (someone had to). Edith Cavell is without doubt my all time 20th Century heroine. It’s an honour to play a small part in her legacy and support current unsung nursing heroes when they need help the most.


Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas OBE. My family is awash with nurses but I initially worked in publishing before deciding to become a nurse myself, eventually specialising in the care of older people. After a spell as a Royal College of Nursing Adviser, I joined the RCN’s publishing company and held various roles there, including Managing Director, until retirement. I am so proud to be a trustee of Cavell Nurses’ Trust because of the incredible work it does in providing a safety net for nurses in need.


Mike Broome. I have worked in the financial markets for over 30 years, primarily in the institutional markets. In recent years working with smaller, private companies is the focus. Working with entrepreneurs is extremely inspirational and fun. Cavell Nurses’ Trust and the nursing fraternity is important to me as my Mum and other members of my family have worked within the NHS for many years and I appreciate hugely the great sacrifices they and others make day to day. Anything I can do to help them in any way is a great privilege. I have watched from afar the great work that has been done so far and hope to be able to carry this forward in the future.


Heather Caudle. I am a Registered Nurse in Mental Health and have worked for over 23 years as a nurse, systemic psychotherapist and strategic leader in the mental health, acute health and supported housing sectors. Wrapped around my professional expertise is a lived experience of being born and brought up in the fun and colourful Trinidad and Tobago in a loving family. I have learned the importance of applying discipline, desire-to-succeed and playfulness in equal measure to everything I do, and constantly draw on my authenticity to strengthen relationships with colleagues, to deliver collectively-formed goals. I also use my understanding and knowledge of current nursing strategy and policy to help Cavell Nurses’ Trust make it possible for Nursing to be there for nurses. Thus, ensuring that, like Edith Cavell, many are drawn to the profession to help patients, and deliver the highest quality of care.


Shreena Dholakia. I am a chartered accountant with a focus on charities. I have spent six years working for surgical charities and have huge respect for the work undertaken by all within the NHS. By supporting nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants through Cavell Nurses’ Trust, I hope to enable them to do what they do best. It is an honour to continue the legacy of Edith Cavell.