The Shift That Made a Difference

To mark International Day of the Midwife (5th May) and International Nurses’ Day (12th May), Cavell Nurses’ Trust wants to celebrate and recognise the amazing people that make up our nursing and midwifery teams across the UK. And we’d like you to get involved.

Can you remember a Shift That Made a Difference?

If you’re a nurse, midwife, healthcare assistant, maternity support worker or nursing associate tell us about a memorable shift. It may have been a joyous turning point in your career, involved an incident or event, a person you met or something you witnessed. What made it memorable? We want to hear all about it and share your shift with other nursing and midwifery colleagues.

Here are some examples of Shifts That Made a Difference.


Hazel Powell

“This shift changed my life because it made me realise that nursing at its core to me was about relationships and a humanistic approach. I went straight up to the nursing college and set in motion the ball to swap to mental health nursing.”

Read Hazel’s Shift That Made a Difference here


David Foster

“I sat waiting on the floor, in the corridor, outside her office, exhausted and demoralised. I had just finished a night shift, still in uniform, still reeling from the experiences of that night wondering whether it was all worth it.”

Read David’s Shift That Made a Difference here  


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