Temi’s story

As well as her mother being a nurse and midwife, Temi remembers visiting family and friends in hospital when she was young, noticing the importance of the role of nurses.

She was inspired to become a nurse and qualified in 2011 and now works part time as a registered nurse on an acute ward caring for older adults.

“I love being part of a team,” says Temi “managing patients who need medical care and making a difference to people’s lives, bringing them back to health and helping their recovery.”

Temi and her three year old daughter were living in temporary accommodation before Christmas and hoping that a more permanent home would be available soon. Then one day, Temi got a call from the council to say that an apartment in a new block had become free.

“It was very short notice but I couldn’t turn it down as we had been waiting a while. The problem was that the new apartment was unfurnished, unlike the fully-furnished temporary flat.”

Temi managed to find some furniture in time for moving day, but flooring was going to be a problem.

“Not only was the apartment unfurnished, but it had no flooring at all, just bare concrete floors. There was no way I could get the money needed to lay carpets and flooring. Because we moved at such short notice, I had no time to plan and save up money. I felt sad as the apartment didn’t feel much like home for me and my daughter.”

A friend of Temi’s suggested that she contact Cavell Nurses’ Trust for help.

“It felt really awkward asking for help, you know, I’m a qualified nursing professional with years of experience. But when I found out there was an organisation dedicated to helping nurses who are facing unexpected difficulties, I felt very proud to be a nurse.”

Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s support meant that Temi could afford to get her apartment carpeted in time for Christmas.

“We were so happy! For the first time the apartment felt like home. We have settled in and my daughter really loves it. Now we have a permanent place to live we can relax and enjoy it.

“It’s wonderful to know that there is help out there and that you are not alone. And sometimes it is good to ask for help.”

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