Jane’s story

Jane always wanted to be a nurse and at the age of 17 began her training in Glasgow. Her nursing career has been varied with time spent on chemotherapy and surgical wards, working in a medical centre in Spain and providing nursing support for the set builders of a Harry Potter film.

Now a community nurse, Jane has been happy working part-time whilst being mum to her two boys with her husband Barry working full-time as the main wage earner for the family. But after Barry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the family has been put under great pressure.

“Barry was only 39 when he was diagnosed,” Jane remembers. “To begin with we coped ok, but then last year his condition got worse and his medication changed. This meant he had to take a lot of time off work so we were hit financially. It was a worrying time.”

The pressures of coping with everything became overwhelming for Jane.

“I was struggling so I went to see a counsellor for help. Whilst we chatted, she talked about charities that could help nurses. She sent me the details for Cavell Nurses’ Trust so I got in touch.”

Cavell Nurses’ Trust was able to quickly process Jane’s application and ensure she and her family received funding to cover essential bills.

“We are just so grateful. You get on with your job and don’t expect things like this to happen so it’s nice to know that people are giving money to Cavell Nurses’ Trust to help nurses when they need it.”

The good news is that Barry’s condition has now stabilised and he’s able to get back to work. Jane is relieved that their lives are getting back on track.

“The help from Cavell Nurses’ Trust has made a huge difference at a very difficult time for all of us. All our energy was being spent trying to get Barry back to health so it was such a relief to know financial help was there, it was one less thing to worry about. Anything which helps to keep things normal makes such a difference!”

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