Angela’s story

For advanced nurse practitioner Angela, Cavell Nurses Trust was a lifeline rescuing her just when she needed it. Angela has been a nurse since 1996, enjoying a range of specialties from paediatric care to her current role in an Urgent Care Centre. She has always loved nursing.“It gives you great satisfaction to help people and make sure they get the care and treatment they need,” says Angela. “In my role at the Urgent Care Centre I see children and adults and our role is to help everyone who walks through the door.”After discovering she had breast cancer in 2012, Angela received treatment and seemed on the road to recovery.

“I went back to work and carried on working for another four years and then at the beginning of 2017 my oncologist gave me some treatment to protect my bones, but I suffered an anaphylactic shock and ended up in hospital.” recalls Angela. Unfortunately, her health took a turn for the worse.

“That triggered a lot of problems with my body, it just threw my body upside down. Then I had anxiety which I’d never had before. So I had to take time off work from January until June.”

Angela managed to return to work a month later and she seemed to be over the worst, but a routine check showed otherwise. “That’s when they re-diagnosed me with breast cancer. I had to start chemotherapy a week after.”

The treatment meant more time off work and her family’s financial situation was becoming strained. “It just threw everything back and it was financially very difficult. I was on half pay and when my husband took time off, he wasn’t paid, so we struggled.”

Fortunately, whilst Angela was receiving treatment, a Macmillan nurse told her about Cavell Nurses’ Trust and encouraged her to apply for help.

“They were absolutely brilliant” remembers Angela. “I didn’t know there was charitable help for nurses but they really helped me out when times were tough. Last year was horrendous – it just threw everything up in the air – our finances, my health, our family – trying to deal with everything is really tough.” recalls Angela.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust were able to get funds quickly to Angela to alleviate her financial worries.

“It was brilliant, it was a lifesaver really. I can’t thank them enough. It’s fantastic that there’s a charity out there for nursing staff. You spend all your time treating other people and when something like this happens to you, it’s really difficult.”

Angela is hoping to return to work when she’s fully recovered.

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