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MDG has been the leading provider of medical evidence gathering services since 1994, collecting medical data on behalf of the life insurance market, and providing specialist reports and rehabilitation services to claim service organisations.

We support businesses through our: Network Screenings, Doctor Screenings, Nurse Tele-interviewing, GP Reporting Services, Immediate Care Plan Services, Ergonomics & Workplace Physiotherapy, CARE (Claims & Rehabilitation Excellence) Services, Peer Review, and Health & Social Research Services.

MDG is made up of experienced staff at all levels, committed to providing the best and most efficient customer experience to everyone we come in contact with, be it the end customer, our clients, medical professionals we deal with, and each other.

We have a long history of supporting charitable causes and decided the time is right to concentrate our efforts on something very close to our hearts. MDG relies heavily on our Nurses to provide an excellent standard of service. They are the core of our business and subsequently, we are thrilled to be supporting Cavell Nurses' Trust, in giving back to the very people to whom we owe much of our success.

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Why have MDG joined 'Working with'?
"Medicals Direct Group is delighted to be working with Cavell Nurses’ Trust. Nurses are not just key to our business but to society in general. We are continuously impressed by our Nurses' professionalism and work ethic. Working with Cavell is our way of saying thank you to the Nursing community and all the work they do."
Nishma Varsani, Network Screenings Manager, Medicals Direct Group

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