Hospify is a secure mobile messaging and contact data service for healthcare professionals & patients in the UK and EU. Hospify provides users with the simplicity and power of consumer messaging solutions, but unlike them ensures that all communication stays within UK & EU legislative guidelines for patient confidentiality and data protection.

Why have we joined Working with?

"Hospify was developed to give healthcare workers the same high standard of communication tools that they get to use in their personal lives, at the same low cost - without waiting for their hospitals to do it for them. Too many nurses and doctors are facing disciplinary proceedings because they’ve turned to consumer messaging apps out of pure frustration with the comms provided for them at work. Hospify exists to make that problem go away - a social mission that aligns with the support that Cavell Nurses’ Trust has been giving to nurses for a century."

James Flint, co-founder and CEO of Hospify.

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