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Originally formed in 2000, ELFT has long been recognised as a centre of excellence for mental health care, innovation and improvement. Our ambition is to make a positive difference by providing people with mental and community health care services that support their recovery. And help them to achieve the most fulfilling lives possible. Everything we do is driven by our values of care, respect and inclusivity. Our patients’ needs matter most and we are constantly working to improve our support for all who use and have contact with our services. Our extensive research approach, commitment to education and emphasis on quality means we are at the forefront of excellence in mental health care.

In September 2016, the Trust was rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission. The Trust was once again rated at 'Outstanding by the CQC in June 2018.

Why have East London NHS Foundation Trust joined 'Working with'?
"Becoming a member of Cavell Nurses' Trust will provide an extra lifeline to nursing staff who are trying to stay on top of their finances. The practical advice and support offered by the Trust will support them in coping with unexpected expenses and offer solutions. If we can support our staff in this way, they will be able to focus on caring for service users." 
 Lorraine Sunduza, Chief Nurse, East London NHS Foundation Trust

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