Organisations we work with Welfare Support Partners Glasspool Charity Trust

The Glasspool Trust is one of the few national charities making grants to individuals which has no restrictions on the type of beneficiary. The Trust's aim is to provide timely, life-enhancing support to people in need; short-term involvement for long-term impact.

The grants typically include white goods, essential household items, flooring for people with disabilities, clothing (including school uniforms), baby needs and travel expenses for hospital visits. Glasspool fund vocational materials, training or driving lessons/tests where there is clear evidence of an employment offer; and educational computer equipment where there is a permanent or substantial disability or illness. They are also able to contribute towards equipment and adaptations for people with disabilities

Glasspool do not accept applications from individuals directly, but believe their grants are most effective by working with front-line advice and social care agencies that provide a package of support.

Cavell Nurses' Trust is developing a working partnership with Glasspool, hoping to change the lives of many nurses very soon.

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