NHS Confed 2017

NHS Confed17 charity partner – Cavell Nurses’ Trust

At some point in your life you’ll benefit from the care and compassion of a nurse, midwife or healthcare assistant. They bring our children into the world, they care for us in our hour of need and give comfort at the end of our lives.

But who looks after nurses when they need help?

Cavell Nurses’ Trust transforms nurses’ lives. The nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants we help say they’re often happier, healthier and able to stay in or return to work.

We’re the national charity that supports UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship often due to illness, disability, older age and domestic abuse.

The need for support

In October 2016, we published a report called “Skint, Shaken, Yet Still Caring – but who is looking after our nurses?”

What we uncovered was that nursing professionals are twice as likely as the public to suffer financial hardship, with 2 in 5 nurses experiencing a physical or mental health condition expected to last a year or more. Worryingly, they are also three times as likely to suffer domestic abuse.

Our impact

Cavell Nurses’ Trust offers a tailored package of support to help everyone who gets in touch, including emotional support, advice on maximising benefits and sign posting to specialist counselling services. The charity is also able to give one-off grants to quickly relieve financial hardship.

We’re keen to know how the support people receive affects their lives. Encouragingly, we’ve found that:

• 85% said the support they received positively affected their physical health

• 94% said the support positively affected their mental health

• 85% said the support they received helped them get back to, or stay in, work

Very often, the impact of this support goes beyond just helping each nurse, midwife and healthcare assistant. Family members also benefit, with children very often being adversely affected by financial hardship.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust at Confed17

We are thrilled to be the charity partner for Confed17 and are really looking forward to meeting as many delegates as possible. The services we offer nursing professionals not only positively affect their lives, but also impacts on the wellbeing of colleagues and wider teams.

Come and have a chat on stand H34 in Hall 2, Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th June

If you would like to speak to us before Confed17 you are very welcome to contact John Orchard, Chief Executive of Cavell Nurses' Trust