The cast of the hugely popular entertainment show Gogglebox, are celebrating UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants nationwide as they have created 14 spectacular Sofa Self-Portraits for a unique Prize Draw. The show’s creator and executive producer, Tania Alexander, came up with the idea for cast member to paint self-portraits, which have now been donated to Cavell Nurses’ Trust to help raise vital money for nursing and midwifery professionals in hardship.

Tania says of the initiative; “The work that Cavell Nurses’ Trust does is incredibly valuable. They offer real and tangible support to the nursing profession, and they’re doing that right now at what is such a crucial time. I think I speak for the entire Gogglebox cast and crew when I saw that we are grateful to them and to the clinical care profession as a whole. This painting project for the prize draw is our way of trying to say thank you.”

Members of the cast have shared personal reasons why they are so passionate about supporting Cavell Nurses’ Trust at this crucial time:

Julie Malone “Our daughter Vanessa is an intensive care paediatric nurse. She and my three grandchildren children live with us and during this pandemic she has carried on fearlessly going to work and caring for those who need it most, never quite sure what she will face each day.

“I am so thankful to all the key workers and NHS staff who have shown heroic dedication during Covid 19 and do every day of their careers.  We’re all really proud to support Cavell Nurses’ Trust who do such important work helping nurses, midwives and care workers in need. The NHS staff give so much and it’s nice to be able to help a charity that supports them when they need it most.”

Izzi Warner “I’m a mother of two and during both pregnancies and births I have been looked after by incredible midwives and nurses, I’ve always felt so grateful for the job they do. They have looked after me with such care and dignity. Ellie and I are so happy to have a chance to give something back for Cavell Nurses Trust”

Dave and Shirley “Nurses, midwives and carers do a fantastic job under normal circumstances but they have excelled themselves of late, forgetting their problems and caring for others. They are truly Angels without wings”

The Siddiqui’s “The Siddiqui family wholeheartedly support and admire the amazing work done by all the NHS staff and especially the brave and dedicated nurses.  We can’t begin to imagine what it’s been like on the frontline during this pandemic and they have our eternal gratitude”

Mary & Giles Mary says “Paintings by Giles have a rarity value because it’s difficult to drag him away from his one acre wildlife garden.” Giles says “This one is especially rare as I normally paint landscapes or interiors where there is room for less exactitude than in portraiture.” “Yet,” says Mary, “he rose to the challenge anyway because of the exceptional work done by Cavell Nurses’ Trust which we both want to support.”

To be in with a chance of winning a Gogglebox masterpiece painted by your favourite sofa critic, enter today! Tickets are £3 each and entries close on Friday 5th June. All proceeds support nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants in hardship.