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Support for today’s nurses in the name of Florence Nightingale

Nursing professionals from across the UK who find themselves in hardship are set to benefit from a generous gift from The Nightingale Fellowship.

The Nightingale Fellowship is the alumni association of nurses who trained in the Nightingale Training School of St Thomas’ Hospital, or one of its successor training schools. The Fellowship bears the name of nurse Florence Nightingale who founded the school in 1860.

The Fellowship, which supports the interests of its two and a half thousand ‘Nightingale’ nurse members worldwide, announced its decision to make the £1m donation, split evenly between two nursing charities, at its AGM on 12th May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

Gillian Prager, President of the Nightingale Fellowship, explained their decision, “We are delighted that, as a charity, we are able to extend our benevolence to all nurses in the United Kingdom, through Cavell Nurses’ Trust and the Guild of Nurses’ charitable fund. It is important that we look outwards to help those in need, just as Florence Nightingale did herself in a life of selfless dedication to others.”

Brenda Griffiths, Foundation Master and Chair of the Board Trustees of the Guild of Nurses reacted to the news,

"The Guild of Nurses is enormously grateful to the Nightingale Fellowship for their very generous donation and for the trust it has placed in us. This funding will enable the Guild of Nurses to build on the work of our profession’s rich history and offer benevolent support to nurses when and where it is needed through The Company of Nurses Charitable Trust, our associated charity.

“The Company of Nurses Charitable Trust offers a secure repository for the many alumni associations and leagues of nurses to protect their assets, ensuring that any charitable funds are used for their original purpose. They can remain safe for nurses in perpetuity within the security of the centuries old City of London Livery movement.”

Cavell Nurses’ Trust, the charity that supports nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants when they are suffering personal or financial hardship, also benefits from The Nightingale Fellowship’s donation.

Simon Knighton, Chairman of Cavell Nurses’ Trust responded to the news, “We are incredibly grateful to The Nightingale Fellowship for their donation. We’ve seen the number of calls for help from nursing professionals double in the space of just three years, so this vital funding will go towards helping the increase in this demand for support and transforming the lives of nurses suffering hardship, ensuring that many of them can stay in or return to work.”

This year The Nightingale Fellowship also supported the establishing of The Nightingale Academy at GSTT with an academic award of £250,000 to encourage the programme initiated by Dame Eileen Sills (Chief Nurse at GSTT).

A further grant if £100,000 was given to St Christopher’s Hospice for its Palliative Care courses, in recognition of the centenary of the birth of Dame Cicely Saunders - founder of the modern hospice movement. Dame Cicely was a Nightingale Nurse prior to studying medicine.

Snowdon 2018

On Saturday 13th October, 79 intrepid adventurers pulled on their hiking boots and rain coats to attempt to walk to the top of Snowdon. This was all to raise money for UK nurses facing hardship and a key event in the #10kForNurses fundraising campaign taking place throughout October.

People all over the UK signed up to do ‘10k their way’ and raise money for Cavell Nurses’ Trust. This could mean running, walking or hopping a 10K, doing a 10,000 calorie bake sale, or even skydiving from 10,000 feet.

The Snowdon challenge was all about ‘going the extra k’! The route was longer than 10 kilometres and being the tallest mountain in England and Wales, it brings its own extra challenges to anyone trying to climb it.

On the weekend, Storm Callum arrived and caused huge disruption to people’s journeys. Landslides, fallen trees and flooded roads all stood in the way, but luckily only a small handful of people were beaten by the weather meaning 79 fundraisers stood ready for the challenge on a wet Saturday morning in Llanberis.

What happened next was truly extraordinary. The weather did it’s best to derail the challenge, but we persevered for as long as possible. Winds up to 70mph eventually stopped us summiting, but the journey to that point and back was a huge challenge and still clocked in at over 10 kilometres!

A big thank you must go to Jason Rawles and his team of expert mountain guides. With their vast experience and knowledge, this challenge was able to go ahead. Throughout the whole process, they looked after us, kept us safe and kept us in good spirits. The mountains can be a dangerous place, and in the middle of a storm, they guided us with great care and professionalism and above all with safety as their number one priority.

The following poem captures some of the events and feelings from this epic day of hiking and fundraising. Well done to all who took part, and only we can really know just how extreme the conditions were and how fantastic we all did.

“Battered, Bruised, but not Beaten”

Like flotsam from a sinking ship,

We arrived in the mountainous deep.

A hearty meal (and a few pints),

Were needed to send us to sleep.

Storm Callum had shown his intentions,

But built his strength overnight.

Feeding on the darkness,

He was ready for another fight.

Day broke meekly through thick grey clouds,

But determined, we packed up.

And met at the Padarn,

For some warmth in a tea cup.

Setting off, the rain and wind lashed,

Trying to slow us down.

Determined in the face of the enemy,

We put on our battle frowns.

On our way in the wild, wild, west,

We had live updates to tweet.

Falling over was always a threat,

Made worse by soggy feet.

Half way house was achieved by everyone,

Proven with a great group photo!

Too much further, and we may need to crawl,

Plenty were thinking ‘oh no…’

‘Hold the fence!’ we began to hear,

As number one survival tip.

As gusts picked up, stumbling’s increased,

We prayed our boots would grip!

The summit was out of the question,

In conditions such as these.

We’d come as far as we possibly could,

Time to head home now please.

Coming down, we saw upturned trees,

And Alan bounding around.

The steep descent punished our weary legs,

Our joy was nearly drowned.

Finally, the Padarn emerged,

Glowing warmly in the gloom.

We’d done it – what a relief,

Now we can shelter in a sweaty room.

Beers were drank, and stories shared,

All food was heartily eaten.

As we looked back on our triumphant day,

Battered, bruised, but not beaten.

We’d come together and achieved great things,

For UK nurses facing hardships.

A worthy cause and a terrific challenge,

We left with smiles and new friendships.

Please sponsor our fantastic fundraisers and help working and retired UK nurses facing hardship. Thank you.


#10kForNurses is back!

The #10kForNurses team smashed the £10k target last year, raising £15,000 to support nursing professionals in hardship.

This year it's back and braver than before!

After the success of 2017, we're calling on nurses to help support colleagues in crisis by getting involved in the #10kForNurses campaign this October.

We're the charity supporting nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship and we're striving to meet a huge increase in calls for help. In the last three years, we've seen a 100% rise in nursing professionals asking for support, from 1,100 in 2014 to more than 2,200 in 2017.

Fundraising Manager Victoria Lewis explains:

“The hardship that nurses often face is wide-spread and on the increase. Whilst we’re pleased to be supporting more nursing professionals than ever, we can only help them with the aid of our fantastic supporters.

“We were blown away with the reaction to #10kForNurses last year so it’s back, bigger and braver than before! Anyone can get involved and do 10k their way in the month of October – run, bike, walk, swim! There are also two new activities, a skydiving day on 6th October and a trek up Mount Snowdon on 13th October. But you don’t have to be an active type, for example you could bake 10k calories and sell them in a cake sale. There’s something for everyone to do, so I would urge nurses to get involved and support their colleagues.”

We've already had 53 people sign up to #10kForNurses and we're looking for many more. We're also delighted that companies are also keen to get involved and sponsor the campaign.

James Manthel, Director at Espirita Workforce Solutions explains “We can’t wait to take part in the Snowdon trek in October. It’ll be a challenge but that’s nothing compared to the plight of nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who have spent their lives caring for others and are now in desperate need of help themselves.”

Sarah Regan, Marketing Manager at Thornbury Nursing Services says “We are once again incredibly proud to be able to support Cavell Nurses’ Trust. We have witnessed the incredible difference their support has made to the lives of nurses, midwives and HCAs across the UK, some of whom have worked for us. We’re excited and nervous to take on the 10k Snowdon Trek in October. Here’s to the blood, sweat, tears and blisters that we will no doubt endure but most importantly, here’s to raising money for the life savers, shoulders to cry on, hand holders and absolute inspirations - our nurses!”

So get your nursing team together and work out how you can do '10k YOUR way' this October. Find out how to join the #10ForNurses team...

 Find out more and get your FREE pack

Our first ever Care & Cake Garden Party!

The sun was shining on Friday June 22nd as we held the first ever Care & Cake Garden Party at Highbury Hall in Birmingham, sponsored by LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare.

The event brought together nursing professionals from across the Midlands and further afield for a special celebration of the nursing profession. We also welcomed supporters of Cavell Nurses' Trust, past, present and future to give an update on our work and our exciting plans for the rest of the year!

Afternoon tea was served and attendees had the opportunity to create a special sand sculpture representing the various layers of the nursing profession. There was also an opportunity for nurses to leave their advice to nurses of the future.

Highbury Hall itself has a rich history, having been Birmingham Mayor Joseph Chamberlain's family home for many years before acting as an auxiliary hospital during WW1. The home housed 150 beds in 19 wards with both nurses and Voluntary Aid Detachments (VADs) tending to patients.

See the photos from the day

#10kForNurses is back!

We took the opportunity at the garden party to launch the 2nd year of our #10kForNurses campaign, where supporters can do '10k their way'. So if you are a runner, walker, baker or knitter, there are lots of ways to get involved and raise vital funds for nurses facing hardship. Find out more about the campaign below:

Join the  #10kForNurses team

Special Guest

We were honoured to be joined by Aneira Thomas, the first baby born on the NHS in 1948. Named after the Welsh politician Aneurin Bevin, the chief architect of the NHS which came into being at midnight on Monday 5th July 1948. One minute later, baby Aneria was born. Her link to the NHS has continued throughout her life, working as she did for 28 years as a mental health nurse.

Attendees at the party shared their day on Twitter: 

Would you like to join us at next year's Care & Cake garden party?
We invite everyone who gets involved with Cavell Nurses' Trust to our garden party - whether you are a donor, award winner or have shared information on your ward, we'd love you to be there with us next year. To find out more about how you can get involved with our work, please click on the link below:

Find out how you can get involved


A big thank you to our sponsors for the Care & Cake Garden Party 2018, LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare.

Thank you also to our photographer, Amy-Rose Deffley, and raffle prize donors, Dauntless Gin and Majestic Wine Shirley.

UoN fantastic fundraisers

University of Northampton students and staff have raised an impressive £1393 for Cavell Nurses’ Trust in the last year so far to support nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who are suffering hardship.

The Faculty of Health and Society at the university has been busy holding events such as a Hawaiian themed graduation raffle, a candle sale and a cake sale for International Nurses’ Day event. Lecturer John Turnbull ran the Great North Run last September raising £450 and enjoyed it so much he’ll be running again this year for Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

So what inspired the nursing team at the University of Northampton to get involved? The BSc Nursing Academics told us,

“We were very mindful of the excellent yet sometimes challenging role of the nurse and how at times those who have cared for others may find it hard to get the care and support they need themselves.”

“The nursing team at the university pride themselves on our Being Brilliant philosophy, always striving to support each other, empowering everyone to be the best nurse they can. So supporting Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s work links well with this philosophy of being super supportive, looking after each other and creating a health community developing wellbeing and resilience.”

The students have another graduation day event soon celebrating their achievements and raising more money for nurses in crisis. Fundraising for Cavell Nurses’ Trust has benefitted the students and staff. The students stated,

“Fundraising has given us great opportunities to enhance our leadership and management skills, as well as having fantastic fun! If other students are thinking of getting involved we would highly recommend it especially as Cavell Nurses’ Trust is such a worthwhile charity.”


Find out more about nursing courses at the University of Northampton here

Amazing Alexandra!

Staff at work wear supplier Alexandra have had a busy year so far raising more than £1,900 to support nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants suffering hardship.

They’ve raised the money by taking part in events such as an Easter Raffle, a Bacon Buttie morning and a cake sale for International Nurses’ Day. A team of 23 staff members also ran the Great Bristol 10k in May giving their fundraising target a real boost.

Wayne Gilvear, Purchasing Manager at Alexandra, ran in the race with his fellow team members,

“We were blessed with blue skies and 16 degrees and to have everyone cheering us along was fantastic! We all crossed the line with a real sense of achievement.”

Victoria Lewis, Fundraising Manager at Cavell Nurses’ Trust, said “We are so impressed with the effort from the team at Alexandra and they should be proud to know that their efforts are resulting in more nursing professionals in crisis being supported than ever before. We received 2,200 calls for help last year, which is a 50% increase in just 3 years.”

“Successful corporate fundraising really brings colleagues together and can raise significant funds to make such a difference to the lives of nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants suffering hardship in the UK.”


Thornbury Nursing kick-start their fantastic fundraising

"We know that every single pound we raise, will help a nurse who may be facing a hard time."

Thornbury Nursing Services are a Founder member of ‘Working with’, the membership programme for organisations which share the belief that that nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants must get the support they need when they are suffering personal or financial hardship.

With nursing in their hearts, they wanted to also go the extra mile to be truly #HereForNurses.

The nursing agency, and their sister company the Scottish Nursing Guild, have kick-started their fundraising by baking with lots of love for Valentine’s Day. Offices across the UK got involved, selling tasty treats to raise an amazing £547.40 in vital funds for nursing professionals facing severe difficulties!

But that’s not all, they have lots of wonderful fundraising events planned for the year ahead and we are so excited to be with them every step of the way!

Sarah from Thornbury Nursing Services said:

“The Valentine’s #BakeWithLove sale was a huge success (although it took us two days to get through all of the cakes). Cavell Nurses’ Trust is very close to our hearts and we know that every single pound we raise, will help a nurse who may be facing a hard time. We can’t wait to get stuck into the other fundraising events we have planned for Cavell Nurses’ Trust, although I think some of the teams are praying for something that doesn’t involve eating – at least for a few weeks anyway!”.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust couldn’t provide the essential help we give to nursing professionals in need without incredible organisations like Thornbury Nursing Services and the Scottish Nursing Guild, we are so grateful to have their support.

If your organisation would like to be #HereForNurses too, Cavell Nurses' Trust would be delighted to speak with you.

Please get in touch with Victoria Lewis, Fundraising Manager at