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Amazing Alexandra!

Staff at work wear supplier Alexandra have had a busy year so far raising more than £1,900 to support nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants suffering hardship.

They’ve raised the money by taking part in events such as an Easter Raffle, a Bacon Buttie morning and a cake sale for International Nurses’ Day. A team of 23 staff members also ran the Great Bristol 10k in May giving their fundraising target a real boost.

Wayne Gilvear, Purchasing Manager at Alexandra, ran in the race with his fellow team members,

“We were blessed with blue skies and 16 degrees and to have everyone cheering us along was fantastic! We all crossed the line with a real sense of achievement.”

Victoria Lewis, Fundraising Manager at Cavell Nurses’ Trust, said “We are so impressed with the effort from the team at Alexandra and they should be proud to know that their efforts are resulting in more nursing professionals in crisis being supported than ever before. We received 2,200 calls for help last year, which is a 50% increase in just 3 years.”

“Successful corporate fundraising really brings colleagues together and can raise significant funds to make such a difference to the lives of nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants suffering hardship in the UK.”


Thornbury Nursing kick-start their fantastic fundraising

"We know that every single pound we raise, will help a nurse who may be facing a hard time."

Thornbury Nursing Services are a Founder member of ‘Working with’, the membership programme for organisations which share the belief that that nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants must get the support they need when they are suffering personal or financial hardship.

With nursing in their hearts, they wanted to also go the extra mile to be truly #HereForNurses.

The nursing agency, and their sister company the Scottish Nursing Guild, have kick-started their fundraising by baking with lots of love for Valentine’s Day. Offices across the UK got involved, selling tasty treats to raise an amazing £547.40 in vital funds for nursing professionals facing severe difficulties!

But that’s not all, they have lots of wonderful fundraising events planned for the year ahead and we are so excited to be with them every step of the way!

Sarah from Thornbury Nursing Services said:

“The Valentine’s #BakeWithLove sale was a huge success (although it took us two days to get through all of the cakes). Cavell Nurses’ Trust is very close to our hearts and we know that every single pound we raise, will help a nurse who may be facing a hard time. We can’t wait to get stuck into the other fundraising events we have planned for Cavell Nurses’ Trust, although I think some of the teams are praying for something that doesn’t involve eating – at least for a few weeks anyway!”.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust couldn’t provide the essential help we give to nursing professionals in need without incredible organisations like Thornbury Nursing Services and the Scottish Nursing Guild, we are so grateful to have their support.

If your organisation would like to be #HereForNurses too, Cavell Nurses' Trust would be delighted to speak with you.

Please get in touch with Victoria Lewis, Fundraising Manager at

10k their way

Our amazing supporters have raised £10k!

Actually, they have smashed the £10,000 target. At the time of writing the total stands at £12.9k... and rising!

Cavell Nurses' Trust's #10kForNurses fundraising campaign running throughout October has passed the £10,000 target, with more money coming in all the time.

With 80 fundraisers doing many events like running, walking or cycling 10km, baking and selling 10k calories of cakes, playing 10k seconds of tennis or hopping 10km on a space hopper (yes, really!) the money raised will go towards supporting nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who are suffering hardship.

One nurse, one hopper, 10km!

Jo, a nurse who came up with the crazy idea to complete a 10km course on a space hopper has so far raised more than £3,500 for fellow nurses. He publicised his challenge on Twitter where he has over 30,000 followers. He said “You never know when you are going to need help in the future so it’s really important that Cavell Nurses’ Trust has the funds to help nurses in crisis. Please think how you can get involved and help.”

Watch a video of Jo in action on his space hopper, which was named Hoppity McHoppity Face after a competition on Twitter. Click here

Each fundraiser had their own purple #10kForNurses T-shirt to wear for their event, kindly paid for by Premier IT. A team from Premier IT held a sponsored tennis session and played for 10,000 seconds (that’s 2 hours and 47 minutes).

Everyone did 10k their way like Ian who cycled 10km every day in October, Eiri who baked 10,000 calories of cakes, the WeNurses team that ran 10km in London and then again in Sheffield, and the teams of colleagues and friends who walked 10km with their dogs or completed 10,000 steps every day in October. Well done to everyone who took part!

The need for the money raised is a very real one. Research shows that nursing professionals in the UK are twice as likely as the general public to suffer financial hardship and Cavell Nurses' Trust has seen a 32% rise in calls for help from nurses in 2017 compared to the previous year. The #10kForNurses campaign provides vital money to help us meet this increase in demand for our services.

So don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to join in the fun, you can still make a difference. You can still donate money to the #10kForNurses campaign and help to give nurses a lifeline. Every single pound donated supports nurses in crisis.

Click here to donate

100 miles in October

Kath is on a mission to run 100 miles in the month of October and she’s hoping to raise at least £1 for every mile that she runs. She’s taking part in the Cavell Nurses’ Trust #10kForNurses campaign aiming to raise vital money to help fellow nurses suffering hardship in the UK.

“So I’m planning to run every day, including a half marathon on 1st October, a full marathon on 8th, some 5km Park Runs with my daughter and a 10 mile run on the 29th October. It’s going to be a busy month!”

So why is Kath embarking on her running challenge?

“I have worked with many nurses who have experienced hardship for a multitude of reasons and unfortunately, many years ago, a colleague of mine experiencing hard times sadly committed suicide. I never want to see that happen again.”

Kath recognises that when nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, often fiercely independent and “can do copers”, experience problems, they find it hard to ask for help.

“But having Cavell Nurses’ Trust there for nurses means there’s somewhere to turn. The help and advice they give can be a lifeline.”

In her role as Experience of Care Lead at NHS England, Kath has to travel a lot and trying to fit in her running will be a challenge but she’s determined to make a difference and complete her 100 miles in October. And she has a message for others taking on a fundraising challenge to support nursing professionals.

“Go for it! How we take care of and support nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants really matters. It’s great to get public support, but within the nursing and midwifery family we can also offer support to colleagues who experience hard times. After all, it could be any one of us that ends up needing support.”

Kath discovered Cavell Nurses’ Trust and #10kForNurses via Twitter. Her Twitter name is @KathEvans2.

So get in touch and wish Kath well with her 100 miles challenge. You can donate to her JustGiving page here

Find out more about #10kForNurses

10k cycle every day

Ian has challenged himself to cycle 10km every day for the month of October, covering a total of 310km, to raise money to support nursing professionals suffering hardship.

He qualified as a nurse in 1975 and forty-two years later is still working in the profession he loves, caring for people every day. So what has inspired to Ian to raise money to support nursing colleagues?

“I have witnessed fantastic nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants – really dedicated healthcare professionals – who have had their careers curtailed through ill health and disability. Also, through my work as an RCN representative, I’ve seen the devastation caused when lives are changed in this way.”

Ian heard about the #10kForNurses campaign on Facebook and it aims to get 100 people to raise £100 each in the month of October, with the target being £10,000 to help support nurses suffering hardship. He is planning on cycling around County Durham where he lives, taking in the three National Parks and coastline nearby, every day in October.

“The difficult part will be trying to find time each day to cycle 10km but I know it benefits my health and work/life balance. I’m also really proud to be wearing the Cavell Nurses’ Trust T-Shirt and promoting such a good cause.”

Ian has a message for anyone thinking of doing something to raise money for Cavell Nurses’ Trust,

“Just do it. And help our colleagues in their time of need.”

To donate to Ian’s JustGiving page please visit

Find out more about #10kForNurses

10k every day in October

Andrew is embarking on quite a challenge, he’s running 10km every day in October to raise money for nursing professionals suffering hardship. So by the end of the month he will have completed 310km (192 miles).

Andrew is taking part in the #10kForNurses campaign, part of the team aiming to raise £10k in the month of October. So what has inspired him?

“Whose life hasn’t been touched by a nurse, midwife or healthcare assistant? In the past 2 years I have seen, through work I do listening to and supporting whistleblowers, the devastating impact that a change in personal circumstances can have on healthcare professionals.”

He's not done a sponsored challenge before but is an active supporter of nurses as his wife has been a nurse for over 40 years.

Running has been an important part of Andrew’s life and it was part of his job many years ago when he was in the Army.

“Nowadays the mind is still willing but the legs less so! Sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me so I need to remember to take more time warming up to prevent muscle injury.”

Andrew admits his 10k every day challenge will be tough, involving getting up in the early hours to go running in the dark before getting on a train to go to meetings.

“Like any challenge, when it gets tough there’s always someone with a harder task ahead of them than you. So that will help me keep focused I hope. I’m also fortunate to be able to ‘match fund’ my donors pound for pound and I have committed up to £500 for that. So let’s show we’re ALL here for nurses”

“My advice to anyone else joining the #10kForNurses team is do something you enjoy. And don’t think that your contribution won’t make much difference, it will – every penny counts!”

Andrew discovered Cavell Nurses’ Trust and #10kForNurses via Twitter. His Twitter name is @Public_Eye_XVA and he follows the @WeNurses Twitter community to keep in touch with frontline nursing.

So get in touch with Andrew, wish him luck on his challenge and donate some money to his JustGiving page here --->

Find out more about #10kForNurses

The BIG hop

Our #10kForNurses team is growing and with many supporters taking on 10k their way, Joan Pons Laplana tells us how and why he's getting involved and how you can support UK nurses facing hardship. 

"For the last few months nursing has made the headlines due to many nurses struggling to make ends meet. The pay cap imposed by the government is hitting frontline staff hard. Cavell Nurses’ Trust is seeing an increasing number of calls for help from nursing professionals, with a 32% increase in requests for help in the first half of 2017. It is a very worrying trend.

"Lots of us are only a pay cheque away from poverty. The psychological impact is also enormous. It can happen to anyone, including me – and it did.

"A few years ago after my marriage ended I was struggling to juggle my finances, having to pay for extra rent on new accommodation and surviving on a single wage. I was just managing to keep afloat but everything went pear-shaped when my car broke down and I couldn’t afford the repair bill. I was in a difficult position: if I did not repair the car I could not go to work and without working I would be unable to pay the bills. Facing the prospect of being jobless and homeless I decided to skip paying my rent. Despite working overtime to try to catch up I was struggling and one day I received a letter from my landlord telling me to pay the missing rent or he was going to evict me. At that point my levels of stress were through the roof and that day I broke down in tears during my break. Luckily a work colleague came to the rescue and signposted me to the RCN Foundation. They helped to get back on my feet and I was very grateful.

"One day I promised I would give back to a charity that helps nurses, so the time has arrived and I have chosen Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

"Following last year’s Tweetathon success, where I ran the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon while tweeting every mile during the race, I have decided to do it all over again. I heard that WeNurses and Cavell Nurses’ Trust were looking for 100 volunteers to join the #10KForNurses challenge, and I just knew I needed to join in.

"So, on the 22nd of October I will be running the Sheffield City 10k at the Rother Valley Country Park in aid of Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

"But I will be doing it with a twist. I will be HOPPING the course on my purple spacehopper, HOPing to raise a lot a cash to help fellow nurses, midwives and HCAs going through hardship.

"Cavell Nurses’ Trust provides a package of support for UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship – often because of illness, disability, domestic abuse and the effects of older age.

"But to keep giving this much-needed support to our fantastic nurses, the charity needs YOUR help. Sponsor the Big Hop and you can make a HUGE difference to nurses in their hour of need.

"You can sponsor me via my JustGiving page here:

"Or if you wish you can sponsor my running vest for a full kilometre. For a tiny sponsorship amount you will be able to reach a HUGE audience. Find more information visit:

"The Big Hop will be also be live on the day (22nd October) via twitter. You will be able to follow my progress by following me on twitter at @RoaringNurse, @WeNurses or @CavellTrust and also we will be using #10KForNurses and #TheBIGHop.

"But we are still looking for more volunteers to join #10KForNurses. Why don’t you join in? It couldn’t be easier just take a look at the #10kForNurses page and sign up!

"If you live close to Sheffield please come to the race and join me, walk with me, or come and cheer me. I will need all help possible to complete this MAD challenge! But wherever you are on the 22nd of October make sure you join in and make some noise. You never know when you are going to need help in future and to make sure that Cavell Nurses’ Trust can go on helping nurses in need, we need you."

Sign up to #10kForNurses today!

Lily's run for nurses

From award winner, to #10kForNurses fundraiser

Lily’s caring personality was formed at an early age growing up with her sister Mary who has Down’s Syndrome. Lily loved the time she spent looking after Mary and this experience spurred her on to find a career caring for others. After working as a healthcare assistant (HCA) for a few months caring for elderly patients, Lily realised that a career in nursing was her dream.

“I saw the amazing difference that nurses make to their patients – particularly vulnerable patients. So, I was motivated to apply for a post-graduate course to try to make that difference myself.”

Lily has completed her first year of the PGDip course in Adult Nursing at King’s College London and she and some of her fellow student nurses are in training for their #10kForNurses challenge in October to raise money for nurses suffering hardship.

“We are running the “Run with the Girls” 10k in Hyde Park in London and we can’t wait! Nurses are facing countless challenges at the moment, inside and outside of the hospital. We want to be part of the message being sent to nurses by Cavell Nurses’ Trust saying: you are not alone, we will stand together.”

Lily heard about the support that Cavell Nurses’ Trust provides to nurses, midwives and HCAs when they’re facing hardship, often due to illness, disability, domestic abuse and older age, when she applied for the Edith Cavell Leadership Award at the annual Cavell Awards in June 2017. An award she went on to win.

“I was particularly moved by Edith Cavell’s philosophy of being totally unprejudiced and providing unbiased care to whomever should need it. I was further moved by the fantastic work that the charity does to support nurses in hardship – nurses who perhaps need more help now than ever before.”

With training well underway, Lily and her team are squeezing their running around 12 hour nursing shifts and assignment deadlines.

“Training’s going well so far and we’re really excited to wear the Cavell colours and fly the flag. I’m sure the cause we’re running for will motivate us all to get over the finish line!”

Lily has advice for anyone else thinking of fundraising for Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

“The sky’s the limit! I’ve done some fundraising in the past – raffles, baking, singing – so don’t feel you have to do a run. Play to your strengths and do something fun and include other people. Take plenty of pictures and enjoy yourself! That’s the best way to engage people in your fundraising story.”

Find out how you can join the #10kForNurses team and take on your own 10k challenge...


UWE Students' year of fundraising

The University of the West of England (UWE) Adult Nursing Society was founded in 2016 by its current president Charlotte Hall. The society is an enthusiastic group of nursing students aiming to build a bright future for nursing in the UK.

Each academic year the Society chooses a charity to support and Cavell Nurses’ Trust was lucky enough to be charity of the year for 2016/2017. And what a year it’s been!

With regular cake sales, a supermarket bag pack, running 100k and a charity raffle for International Nurses’ Day, the nursing students have raised over £1,250 to support nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants suffering hardship.

UWE Adult Nursing Society President, Charlotte Hall said, “We had such a great time baking, packing, running and meeting new people whilst raising the money for Cavell Nurses’ Trust over the last year. We are all so passionate about nursing and want to make sure we do as much as we can to support fellow nursing professionals who are struggling. It’s incredible to know there is help available for all us nurses once we start our careers. It has been a privilege for all the society members to help raise funds for such an important charity”

Cavell Nurses’ Trust supports UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship often due to illness, disability, older age and domestic abuse.

Victoria Lewis, Community Fundraising Manager for Cavell Nurses’ Trust said, “What an amazing year UWE Adult Nursing Society have had, we are so grateful for all their efforts. The money raised goes directly to nursing professionals who are in crisis, like helping a nurse who is struggling to pay household bills after stopping work due to illness, or paying for adaptations to help a retired midwife with mobility problems. The students’ hard work will make such a difference to nurses’ lives.”

Is your community group or sports club looking for a Charity of the Year? Speak to Cavell Nurses' Trust to find out more. Call us on 01527 595 999 or click below.


Cavell Awards 2017

On June 22nd, we held our 6th annual Cavell Awards ceremony, celebrating the best and brightest in UK nursing and midwifery talent. 

With 10 awards in total, our awards programme celebrates a wide range of nursing fields including nursing overseas, students, care for older people and army reserve nurses. 

There was also an award celebrating special achievement within nursing and we were proud to award this to Mandy Stevens, a senior mental health nurse, for using her own mental health crisis to encourage others to seek help.

Life was great for Mandy until in 2016, after almost 30 years working in mental health services, including as a director of nursing for two large mental health trusts, she experienced a crisis from the other side of the fence:

“I found myself suffering from a severe depression, which came from out of the blue and left me frightened, disabled, suicidal and incapacitated. I hid myself away, scared of my own shadow and I told very few people about what was happening to me. This is what mental illness has the power to do.”

10 days later Mandy was admitted to an in-patient unit. The journey that followed was tough, but as Mandy worked towards recovery with the support of her healthcare team, she resolved to share her experience in an effort to show that mental health difficulties can strike anyone at any time. Despite being severely depressed, due to Mandy’s clinical experience she knew she would make a full recovery:

“I chose to share my story on social media because I wanted people to see that even happy, confident, successful people are not immune to the effects of mental illness. I wanted other people to realise that mental ill health can strike any of us, without warning. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and the support that’s out there really can make a difference. The first step is to be brave and ask for help.”

The ceremony took place in front of a packed audience of nurses, midwives and healthcare leaders at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in Central London.

Cavell Nurses' Trust Twitter was busy all evening with attendees, friends, family and colleagues following the action on #CavellAwards:

Cavell Nurses’ Trust Chairman Simon Knighton said: “The Cavell Nurses’ Trust Awards helps us be here for nurses and midwives, either by supporting them when they face hardship or by celebrating the amazing work that they do every day.

“We’d like to thank the generous organisations that sponsored our awards and lent their time and expertise to ensure the awards are a fitting tribute to the passion and commitment of all our finalists.”

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust awards are made possible by a number of sponsors that give their time and support to the scheme: NEXT PLC, The Belgian Embassy in the UK, NHS Professionals, NHS Improvement, Alexandra, National Garden Scheme, RCN Foundation, Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC), The UK Nursing and Midwifery Social Media Leaders, Mark Allen Group and International Medical Corps UK.

Winners on the night included:

Excellence in Care for Older People Team Award
Winner: The Beeches Care Management Team, Signature at The Beeches

Excellence in Care for Older People Individual Award
Winner: Geraldine Rodgers, BHR University Hospitals NHS Trust & NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

Chairman’s Award for International Impact
Joint Runners Up: Col Kevin Davies, University of South Wales and Major Debbie Grafton, 202 Field Hospital
Winner: Fiona Stephenson, Livability Spinal Injury Centre

Outstanding QARANC Reservist Clinical Professional Development Award
Runner Up: Capt Janet Jordan, 208 Field Hospital
Winner: Sgt Rebecca Warren, 202 Field Hospital

Jean Atkinson MBE Award for Outstanding Healthcare Assistant
Runner Up: Emma Gibney, Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital
Winner: Stephanie Morris, Ashworth Hospital

Special Achievement Award Presentation
Awarded to Mandy Stevens

Community Award
Runner Up: Freya Sewell, Edinburgh Napier University
Winner: Sabrina Ffrench, University of Wolverhampton

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award
Runner Up: Eleanor Cramer, Anglia Ruskin University
Winner: Marina Down, King's College London

Outstanding Student Midwife Award
Runner Up: Gemma Sidor, Liverpool John Moores University
Winner: Katharine Siobhan Pearson, King's College London

Outstanding Student Nurse Award
Runner Up: Kate Boulton, The University of Manchester
Winner: Sarah Tipping, University of Southampton

Edith Cavell Leadership Award
Highly Commended Certificate: Kim Howson, University of East Anglia
Runner Up: Georgina Ledwith, Buckinghamshire New University
Winner: Lily Parham, King's College London