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Day in The Life of a Nurse - Alisha's story

Alisha is a Staff Nurse and has been working for 14 months. Her mother was her inspiration to become a nurse and she loves helping people recover and get back on their feet.

“I love supporting patients and empathising with them as well as advocating for them.”

A typical day as a Staff Nurse for Alisha involves arriving for her shift and receiving patients from the previous shift. After the routine and controlled drugs are administered, Alisha and her team observe their patients and document their progress. Lunchtime is followed by the afternoon drugs round and at this point her team are likely to receive more patients that have come from the operating theatre.

“It’s a very challenging career and you never stop learning. The three years of training at university don’t necessarily prepare you for real life as a nurse but it is a very rewarding job.”

Despite occasional frustrations like trying to decipher doctors’ handwriting, Alisha loves getting feedback from her patients and remembers her first ever letter of appreciation from a patient.

“I felt such a rush of pride and was really touched by the kind words. It’s always a confidence boost when patients say thank you.”

In her spare time Alisha relaxes by listening to music, shopping and spending time with her family.

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