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Day in The Life of a Nurse - Jasbinder's story

Jasbinder works as a Drug and Alcohol Nurse

08:00 It’s my first day back after annual leave and I’m thinking about what to expect!

09:00 I arrive at work and even before I can open my emails my first patient has arrived for a new assessment. My colleague supports me as she knows the patient well. The assessment is a full Physical Health Assessment and will take at least an hour. This patient requires a Pabrinex injection (given to rapidly correct the severe depletion of vitamins B & C in alcohol patients) and this requires extra administration time.

10:30 I manage to turn on my computer and after I see about 100 emails I start to prioritise my work. As expected, my first job is to make phone calls to health professionals and liaising with team members. I manage to make a cup of tea and drink it whilst typing!

10:45 Must read notes for next 3 patients booked in for today!

11:30 Another new patient to assess and I complete a full Physical Health Check and detox assessment.

12:30 I’m back at the computer to update my records and go back to my to-do-list. Feel up to date now...if there is such thing in this fast moving role!

13:30 Just managed to grab some food and use my 30 minute break for a brisk walk with my colleague to ensure I’m refreshed for the afternoon!

14:00 Checking my calendar to prepare for appointments later this week. I’ve got my Hallam Street Hospital Ward round tomorrow (a local Mental Health Hospital) and an NHS England Liver Health meeting on Wednesday. This means not much time in the office this week so all the more need to update all notes today but thanks to very good admin team here I’ve got some help with admin part of role.

14:30 Letters for both of today’s new assessments completed, checked and my notes up-to-date. Feeling more relaxed now!

15:00 Another new patient to assess. He’s got lots of complex issues to address so requires a lot of patience and understanding. My colleague supports me with information and sits in on the session.

16:00 I managed to update more records, grab another hot drink and some fruit and I’m starting to feel some job satisfaction.

16:30 I’m already thinking about preparation for tomorrow’s workload and nearly the end of first day back from leave. Feels like I was never away!

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