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Day in The Life of a Nurse - Annamaria's story

Annamaria qualified as a nurse in 2009 and her first role was hospital-based but she decided early on that she wanted to provide one-to-one care in peoples’ homes.

She’s now a Community Specialist Practitioner and has worked in community nursing for the majority of her career. She is part of a care team that carries out unplanned visits rather than the routine, planned care carried out by many district nurses.

“Every day is different. Some days I may visit ten patients for short appointments and other days one appointment might take all day. But I love the fact that there are no time limits placed on appointments and I can spend as long as I need to with each person.”

Annamaria’s day starts around 8.00am at the nursing base where she does a handover from staff on the previous shift. The Triage Nurse then hands out the calls for that day and Annamaria is off on her rounds. Spending quality time with each patient is crucial as every visit involves an assessment of the patient’s whole situation; their environment, mood, emotional state as well as the clinical assessment.

She ensures that the appropriate care and support is in place for the patient and, particularly with end of life patients, Annamaria will also spend time supporting the family. Liaising with services such as GPs and other carers are also on her checklist, making sure the patient’s care is co-ordinated as much as possible. Patients suffering dementia can be a particular challenge as she has to be aware of the different types of dementia and make sure that any history is corroborated by the carers and family members.

At the end of her day Annamaria tackles the inevitable paperwork, writing up her appointment notes for the next shift.

“I love the variety that my job offers, meeting new people and building relationships with patients that I’ve treated over many years. I work hard to give the best care I possibly can and it’s so rewarding to make a difference and to bring a smile to a patient’s face.”

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