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Day in The Life of a Nurse - Joan's story

“I go to work with a smile every morning, which is priceless for me.”

I’ve been a nurse for 20 years working in A&E, Intensive Care and Community Nursing, but it’s my current role as Clinical Lead for a clinical commissioning group that I’m most excited about.

No two days are the same for me when I’m out visting GP surgerys, talking to doctors and nurses about how they can improve their patient-centred care. I introduce them to Florence (FLO), which is the name given to new technology designed to help GPs and nurses to interact with their patients via mobile phone using a texting service to help patients self-manage any conditions or health issues they have.

The benefit is that by managing their condition better these patients don’t need to consult their doctor or nurse so often which saves the NHS time and money and the patient the inconvenience of travelling to their GP surgery.

When I started this role I worried that I would never see another patient again and that I would lose that link you get from nursing but I feel my influence is more global now and I’m able to use my time to help more and more patients.

Recently, I was particularly proud when I heard of a GP surgery in Bolsover that has been using FLO for some time and has seen a significant increase in patients attending appointments, ensuring they are getting regular treatment. I am also proud that the patient feedback has been really positive, with the only downside being that nurses say there is less time for tea and biscuits as more of their patients are turning up for their appointments!

I love that my job is making patients’ lives better and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do – provide the best care possible, the gold standard of care. I spoke to a lady the other day who said that she no longer has to inject herself in the stomach every day with insulin to control her diabetes as her condition has been managed more effectively now using FLO. She was quite emotional and so pleased that her condition was getting better. I felt so privileged that I was able to help her situation improve and change her life.

I go to work with a smile every morning, which is priceless for me.

(For more information about FLO click here)

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