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Keep on running

Joan's fundraising story.

“I can’t help financially, but I can give my time and raise money through sponsorship.”

Joan became a nurse “by mistake” after originally wanting to be a physiotherapist. Growing up watching his beloved Barcelona football team, he was always interested in the physio that would run onto the pitch and get players back on their feet. He didn’t get the grades needed to study to be a physio but chose nursing instead.

During his twenty year nursing career, Joan (pronounced ‘Joanne’) has moved to the UK and worked in A&E, Intensive Care and Community Nursing and currently works as Clinical Lead for a clinical commissioning group, implementing technology to improve how patients manage their conditions and communicate with their GPs.

He’s always had boundless energy and will be using this to great effect to support his nursing colleagues. On 29th May Joan is running in the Liverpool Rock’n’Roll Marathon and raising money for Cavell Nurses’ Trust, suppport nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who are suffering hardship. Joan wants to ensure his fellow nurses are not suffering,

“I want to help frontline staff who are stretched to the limit at the moment. I can’t help financially but I can give my time and raise money through sponsorship. I can also raise awareness.”

He certainly can. Joan uses social media a lot to connect with other healthcare professionals and impressively has over 17,000 followers on Twitter where he’s been busy tweeting and talking about his “Tweetathon” in May.

What’s a “Tweetathon”? Joan is going to tweet at every mile point during the marathon and mention a fact about Edith Cavell, Cavell Nurses’ Trust and nurses. Always a creative thinker, Joan is not only getting regular sponsorship to run the race, he’s also asking companies to “sponsor” each mile he runs.

So why is Joan so committed to help his fellow nurses? A few years ago after his marriage ended Joan was struggling to juggle his finances, having to pay for extra rent on his new accommodation.

“I know how stressful it is to have to choose between paying the electricity bill, or buying food today. Then you get a letter from the landlord to say rent is due, it’s very easy to get into debt problems.”

Despite working overtime to try and cope, Joan’s situation didn’t improve. So he turned to a charitable organisation set up to help nurses, like Cavell Nurses’ Trust, called the RCN Foundation. They helped pay his rent arrears and got him back on his feet and he was so grateful.

“I said one day that I would give back to a charity that helped nurses, so I have chosen Cavell Nurses’ Trust.”

So how is the marathon training going?

“Training is going ok, I try and run 10Km 3 times a week and play basketball. I had aches and pains when I first started but now my body is getting used to it. Though sometimes it’s difficult when the alarm goes off in morning and I have to drag myself out of bed to the gym. But it’s good to give myself a goal and people are expecting me to run the marathon so I have to be there!”

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