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Mount Cavell Challenge - Final Day


They say talk is cheap. Yesterday I was part of a mountain team and elsewhere today 70 people are finishing the Mt. Cavell Challenge.

We’ve just paused after a few hours of walking from the trail head. We’re all feeling pretty good (or at least not showing that we aren’t). The environment dwarfs the human scale. It sure is a mountain!

What’s this?

The Mt Cavell Challenge in Canada is 70 people taking on 7 days of challenges for 1 cause. The challenge of a lifetime to commemorate one hundred years since the execution of Nurse Edith Cavell in World War One and to raise awareness for Cavell Nurses’ Trust which looks after today’s nurses in crisis.

You can pre-register your interest for a challenge in 2016 here. 

If climbing mountains isn’t your thing (and who could blame you!), what’s your mountain? Quitting smoking or going from couch to 5k. What’s your mountain?

We made it!

The last third of the ascent really seemed to fly by. I wonder if it was to do with knowing that summit was ‘so close’.

Arriving at the summit has given me the greatest feeling, and the views! Oh the views!

Whilst the sun is shining on the righteous. We’ve got work to do. We set off on the descent to join our fellow challengers in Jasper. I’m filled with trepidation; every part of me is feeling the toll of the climb and I don’t know how much I’ve got ‘in the tank’ to carry me home. But it will get done.


It was a long way down. It’s a long way to the UK. Essentially a whole day on coaches, planes and cars. It could be tinged with sadness, but the friendships formed through adversity in the last few days will keep the mood elated.

But sitting writing this final update from Canada does feel quite isolating, even lonely. And reflecting on the day of climbing, it makes me think how a problem can feel insurmountable until it’s shared.

So the final words of the Mt Cavell Challenge are on that theme:

If you’re a Nurse, Midwife or HCA and you need financial support, share your problems with us, and we’ll do our best to be here for you. Please don’t feel you must struggle through alone. We’ve helped over 1,000 people in the last year and we want to help you.

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