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A midwife's favourite recipe

"I've been making this since the 1980s!"

Midwife Jenny Clarke, terrific tweeter for @WeMidwives, has kindly given her secret recipe for a delicious and low-fat fruit loaf! Jenny is supporting the amazing #RaiseYourWhisks fundraising campaign this May.

Nursing teams are Raising Their Whisks this May to bake a difference for nursing colleagues suffering hardship. There will be yummy bake sales in hospitals and organisations across the UK from International Day of the Midwife to International Nurses' Day, 5th - 12th May. 

You can #RaiseYourWhisks by signing up for your free fundraising kit. There's everything you need for the perfect bake sale, with special goodies from partner Dr.Oetker too. 

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Jenny's Low Fat Fruit Loaf is an ideal treat for any bake sale and will help sustain you on your shift!

@JennyTheM’s Low Fat Fruit Loaf Recipe

You'll need:

A sieve

A 2lb loaf tin

Oven at 140 degrees Celsius (fan oven)

Non fan oven 150-160 degrees C

Greaseproof paper

Butter to grease loaf tin

2 Large Mixing Bowls

Silicone spatula

1 large mug (used for tea or coffee)

Oven gloves

Cooling rack

Here are the ingredients

1 mug of each of the following:

White self raising flour

All bran

Mixed fruit

Black tea / or skimmed milk

Here's how to do it:

Put fruit with tea into a large mixing bowl and add the all bran.

Meanwhile sieve the flour into another bowl and grease and line the loaf tin with greaseproof paper (butter or margarine will suffice).

Leave the mixture for one hour and then add the flour - fold in gently but thoroughly & add to the loaf tin.

Level off the mixture, then tap the loaf tin a few times on the worktop to release any large air bubbles in the mixture.

Check the oven shelf you’ll be using is at the centre of the oven and put the loaf tin with the mixture inside so you can see the long side through the oven door as this will keep the bake even. Close the door firmly and use a kitchen timer or your mobile phone to remind you to peek through the unopened oven door after 45 mins.

Try to avoid opening the door during baking and don’t expect perfection this is a RUGGED tea loaf which may have a split on the top, this all adds to its character.

To test if fully baked use a wooden skewer and push through the top of the loaf to the bottom of the tin. If it comes out sticky the loaf needs more time, if not the loaf is ready.

Remember to wear oven gloves to prevent burns and keep hot loaf tin and contents away from vulnerable people and children.

Turn out the loaf onto a cooling rack using a silicone spatula to loosen and be aware of the chance of burns caused by the hot loaf tin, once cooled serve sliced with or without butter.

Enjoy on the go, or relax with a cup of tea! I’ve been making this since the 1980s, it's a tried and tested classic. Let's bake a difference.


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