Qualified nurse awardsFrequently asked questions

Applying For The Awards

Who is eligible to apply for these Awards?

The applications are open to qualified school nurses working in the United Kingdom.

How can I nominate myself or someone else for an Award?

You must complete the online application form. You can view the award categories and enter from the School Nursing awards pages here.

How many entries can I submit?

You are only allowed to submit one nomination per category and you will only be shortlisted if you are able to meet the application criteria set for that category.

Do I need the support of a referee to apply?

Whether you are applying yourself or nominating a colleague, we ask that you note down a manager/mentor who we can contact for a reference should you/your colleague be shortlisted.

How should I fill in the application form so that I have the best chance of being successful?

Judges will be looking for application forms which meet the entry and application criteria for each specific category. They will mark application forms according to these points, so it is important that applicants make sure they closely follow the application criteria and give specific examples of how they meet each point.

Applications should be easy to read with good grammar and free from spelling errors.

Are there any Terms and Conditions for applying?

Yes, please read the Terms and Conditions before applying.

Award Categories

How can I choose the most appropriate award category to apply for?

Read the entry and application criteria for each of the categories. Whichever category you can answer the most points on; this is the category you should apply for. Remember that if the judges feel that your application fits better into another category, they will move it to the most appropriate one.

Judging Of Nomination Forms

Who judges the Awards?

The panel consists of three high level experts in their field and appropriate to the category.

Can I request feedback from the judges regarding my nomination?

Feedback will be given to shortlisted students should they require it. Please call Vicky Law on 01527 595999 or email admin@cavellnursestrust.org to request this.

How will I know if I have been shortlisted?

Applicants who have been shortlisted will receive a phone call or sent an email to notify them shortly after the closing date.

Awards Ceremonies

When will the awards ceremony be held?

The award ceremony will be held in Central London towards the end of March 2014 (to be confirmed).

How will I know if I have been selected to receive an award?

Applicants who have been successful will be given a phone call or sent an email to notify them. We will email all unsuccessful entrants to advise them.