‘Working with’

Working with

‘Working with’ is an annual membership programme for organisations.

It helps you support UK nursing professionals when they face a personal crisis like an illness, domestic abuse or pressure from being a carer.

Becoming a ‘Working with’ member is your all-year-round commitment and investment in your staff.


Meet the ‘Working with’ members

Benefits of becoming a member

  • A long term support network, all-year-round, for your future, current and even retired staff
  • Strengthening and supporting your recruitment, retention and wellbeing strategies
  • Active demonstration of your commitment to the welfare of your nursing professionals
  • You boost awareness of Cavell Nurses’Trust’s support and confidential advice for those experiencing personal and financial crisis
  • Practical action to get your staff back on their feet and increase emotional strength and overall well-being
  • Broadcast a positive message. You’re a supportive employer, living the values of your jobseekers, staff and stakeholders
  • Help meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

Why join?

Let’s help more nursing professionals at times of crisis to confidentially access Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s support. Often when they have nowhere else left to turn.

What next?

Send us your details and we’ll get in touch to discuss your organisation joining ‘Working with’.