Give in memory

Give in memory

If nursing has played an important role in the life of a friend or family member who has passed away, you can celebrate their life by making a donation to Cavell Nurses’ Trust. A donation in memory, like a collection from friends and family, or in lieu of funeral flowers, is a special way to honour a loved one.

The impact of donations in memory

Donations transform lives and a donation in memory, no matter what size, has the power to be life-changing. Here’s how help from Cavell Nurses’ Trust has changed people’s lives recently,

Impact stats

Nurse Joanne

Joanne was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. After surgery, rounds of radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, she struggled to make ends meet and look after her two children. Cavell Nurses’ Trust stepped in quickly and provided financial help to cover the cost of bills that were mounting up as Joanne was off work.

“The team at Cavell Nurses’ Trust really listened to me and it was like going from desperation to elation.” Nurse Joanne. 

Leave a donation in memory

To generously donate in memory of a loved one, you can give online here or call us on 01527 595 999. We can also help you set up a personalised donation page on and provide you with personalised envelopes to distribute at the funeral or wake in place of flowers.

To get in touch please speak to one of the team on 01527 595 999 or email