Edith Cavell - Centenary Appeal Activities for Schools

Free resources

Our Key Stage 3 resources have been carefully designed with a panel of teachers to help pupils learn about and from the life, values and era of Edith Cavell.

These can also be adapted for other key stage lesson plans.

Resources and lessons plans, perfect for History and Religious Education (RE) are available for free now!

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Every school that downloads the resource will be sent a Fundraising Pack to support Edith’s legacy through Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

In addition to travelling exhibitions and careers advice (location dependant), at the heart of the resources are visual materials relating to Edith’s life:

Resources also include modern day case studies to which Edith’s actions can be compared.

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History, RS, Lesson Plans & More

The enquiry based learning resource is accessible, flexible and adaptable for History and RS but also applicable to English and Citizenship lessons.

Supported by example lesson plans, suggested activities and discussion points; pupils will develop their interpretation and analysis skills through the exploration of perceptive and challenging questions, such as:

How might Edith’s key decisions be considered both selfless and wilful?

What role did Edith’s story play in wartime propaganda? 

Whose recent actions share similarities to Edith’s values?

Exhibitions and Careers Advice

There are a number of free extras available to your school which support the resources:

  • Exhibition - A flexible series of banners and displays covering Edith's life, nursing and legacy. Perfect for larger classrooms, common rooms, foyers, halls and libraries.
  • Careers advice - The University of East Anglia (UEA) Nursing Sciences Team offer a nursing outreach programme for inclusion at career events (location dependant).

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