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Right now there are nursing staff moving mountains to care for their patients whilst their own life falls apart.

We rely on nurses to look after us and our families in our times of need, but sometimes they need a helping hand too.

Jane loved being a nurse and her part-time role working in the community meant she was able to support her children at home too. But when her husband, the family's main wage earner, became ill he had to stop working. Suddenly, Jane and her family were struggling.

Emma had nursed for 10 years when her cancer diagnosis stopped her in her tracks. Time off work for surgery and treatment meant Emma faced financial difficulties.

Staff nurse Louise and her children had to flee their home after Louise's partner became emotionally and physically abusive. They had to start again with nothing.

As a charity, we help nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants facing a personal or financial crisis. The support we give improves emotional strength and overall well-being, helping nurses continue or get back to the job they love when it seems like there is no hope left. And with a shortage of nurses in the UK, this is vital.

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