10kForNurses Meet other fundraisers

What's going on?

Meet some of the amazing fundraisers who made a difference for nurses in hardship during #10kForNurses 2018

Health Service Discounts is extremely excited to be joining Cavell Nurses' Trust on the Snowdon Climb as it represents a fantastic opportunity to take on a physical challenge that will push us as individuals to achieving personal goals whilst being able to support a great cause which is a very important charity to us as a company. Health Service Discounts has supported Cavell Nurses' Trust for 4 years now during which time we have donated over £134,000 to this amazing charity which provides such a great support to Nurses in the UK.

Health Service Discounts CEO Andrew Miln explains: ‘When the opportunity arose to help Cavell Nurses' Trust through the Snowdon Climb, it was something we couldn’t wait to get involved with as it should be a great team building event whilst helping raise money for a wonderful cause in the process. What better way to helping those who dedicate their lives to helping others!"

I have supported Cavell Nurses' Trust for 2 years now, it’s a great charity and has enabled me to feel I've contributed to the work the charity does supporting nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.

This year I'm lucky enough to be traveling to see a great friend in Zimbabwe, a bit of a holiday in a life time so it felt right to take my wish to complete the 10k out with me. I’m not a lover of snakes or spiders so have been preparing well for the event, my friend Rob is going to be walking with me as well and my husband Chris will be supporting with a vehicle just in case we walk into a rhino or giraffe!

Collectively we have an opportunity to raise some much needed funds and spread the great work Cavell Nurses' Trust does. Look out for photos of my 10k! I am hoping to see some wildlife along the way but not to close.

The StaffBank for Epsom and St Helier Hospital want to raise money for Cavell Nurses' Trust because we want to give back to our wonderful clinical staff! Cavell Nurses' Trust is a wonderful charity that does amazing work for the very people that look after us when we are poorly. It’s time that We are #HereForNurses!

We will be walking from Epsom General Hospital to St Helier Hospital, on a 10k route, on Saturday 27th October! We will also be holding 10k calorie bake sales to boost our fundraising! Yum!

I’m Ann-Marie, a University Lecturer and practising Nurse.

I was suddenly widowed in my 30’s, with two young children, a huge mortgage and little life insurance. Some serious car accidents have left me with chronic health problems but I've had to hold down two demanding jobs to be able to pay the bills.

I understand what it's like to deal with hardship after you've given so much so I want to help my fellow colleagues while I can.

I am joining three Birmingham City University students to climb Snowdon to help engender that spirit of altruism and helping others. That's not all though, I'm also doing a #10kForNurses skydive to face a fear and inspire others for a small but worthwhile charity that helps nurses in hardship and distress as they face ever growing challenges.


Hello, my name is Steve and I’m the editor of Nursing Times. I’m taking part in this year’s Snowdon challenge as part of #10kForNurses to help raise some money for a great cause – namely Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

It also gives me the chance to combine doing something really worthwhile with something I really love – being in the mountains. I admit to having climbed Snowdon a few times before, but not for a good few years now, given that I live in London and have a small child. I’m hoping my dodgy knee will be up to the job!

I can’t emphasise how important it is to support this charity that looks after members of the profession when they find themselves facing hardship. Hopefully others will join me on the climb up the Pyg Track on 13 October and that the weather is fine… or at least not too wet.


Thornbury Nursing Services and the Scottish Nursing Guild - your #10kForNurses sponsors!

We are once again incredibly proud to be able to support Cavell Nurses’ Trust. We have witnessed the incredible difference their support has made to the lives of nurses, midwives and HCAs across the UK, some of whom have worked for us. We’re excited and nervous to take on the 10k Snowdon Trek in October. Here’s to the blood, sweat, tears and blisters that we will no doubt endure but most importantly, here’s to raising money for the life savers, shoulders to cry on, hand holders and absolute inspirations - our nurses!”

Espirita - your #10kForNurses sponsors!

We can’t wait to take part in the Snowdon trek in October. It’ll be a challenge but that’s nothing compared to the plight of nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who have spent their lives caring for others and are now in desperate need of help themselves.”

Hi I’m Nat - I’m a Senior Research Nurse and single mother to Samuel and Sebastian, a penchant for gin, human kindness, The Psychologist magazine and humour! Becoming a nurse was really important to me and I left investment banking to train as one. I spent many years as an Oncology and Palliative Care nurse. If I had known the financial pressures of this profession would I have still continued with my dream of nursing? Hell yeah!

Supporting nurses in crisis - it's karma. A good nurse can make a real difference to a patient and their families lives at times of crisis. But who's there for the nurses in their times of crisis? Shift working with or without a family when crisis hits with an unimpressive salary and no overtime it’s blooming hard - I'm thrilled that there is a place they can turn to for help in Cavell Nurses' Trust.

I’m still undecided on my final 10k, but I will be doing it MY WAY, and I’ll be doing it so support nurses in crisis! Don’t miss out on the fun October, join me in doing 10k your way!

#Hellomynameis Kath and I’m really excited about this years #10KForNurses challenge. Last year I ran (ok part ran & walked a bit!) the Bournemouth Marathon and raised money for Cavell Nurses' Trust. This year I’m taking on Snowdon and the day after running the Birmingham Half Marathon because one physical challenge is never enough! I do hope others will join in too.

We never know when hardship may strike and the amazing support that Cavell Nurses' Trust offers to Nurses and Midwives is so valued by us all – I want to ensure we show everyone that what the Cavell team do really matters and is hugely appreciated. Bring on October!


Hi I'm Joan. Most nurses live just one pay cheque away from poverty and it happened to me just a few years ago. Without the benevolent fund that help me to get back on my feet, I would have left nursing for good.

For that reason every year I walk, run or hop #10kForNurses to ensure that if the same thing happens to other nurses, Cavell Nurses' Trust will be here to help.


Hi I’m Victoria!

I’m looking forward to going the extra k this October and tackling Snowdon. It was so inspiring to be a part of the 2017 #10kForNurses team, I can’t wait to be part of the movement again.

Having seen the difference support at the right time makes to nurses in need, I am passionate about ensuring nurses always have somewhere to turn. I’ve never tackled a mountain before but I know the 10k team will be there to support me every step of the way. Join us on Snowdon or do 10k your way

Hi I'm John. Nurses are here for us when we need them most. They were there for my mum and my dad who have been through the mill in the last year or so. And I know they will be here for me and my family for years to come.

And I believe that we should be here for nurses in return.

I’m going to be attacking Snowdon with a difference; taking on two peaks rather than the normal one and going as fast as I possibly can. I don’t ‘do’ walking or trekking so I know I will find this very tough indeed. I’m facing my #10kForNurses challenge head on and can’t wait to make some new friends along the way. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to need them on the mountain descent…

Hi I am Teresa and I am really looking forward to being involved with #10kForNurses this year. It was a lot of fun last year - I ran and walked and baked a few 10ks and made some great friends along the way. This year I can’t wait to go the extra kilometre and join the #10kForNurses team to hike up Snowdon …. It’s a little further than 10k, but all the more time to chat and take some cake breaks !

I hope this year to raise more money and raise more awareness through tweeting and blogging my #10kForNurses 2018 journey. Nurses are amazing people but the fact is that many nurses face hardship everyday and I hope that my #10kfornurses journey will help to support those in need by raising money for the Cavell Nurses Trust.


Hello my name is Paul and having experienced the fun, camaraderie and passion people had for last year’s #10kForNurses I am looking forward to doing this again! Lots of people joined in not only for their own fitness, but also to support their own mental wellbeing – so join in, either alone, in your workplace teams or with your friends and family!


Hi I'm Nick. As a non-nurse (that's OK right?) it can sometimes be difficult to show your appreciation for the amazing impact nurses, midwives and HCA's have on so many lives so I try and do my bit with a little technology here and there. Through my role focusing on District Nursing I see where services (that's people in real speak) are truly stretched, giving much of their own time to ensure patients' need are met. Imagine now that they are struggling financially too. Through Cavell Nurses' Trust I've not only seen the financial impact of pressure on nurses but also do something about it too!

I'll be encouraging everyone to take up a #10kForNurses challenge, you don't need to be a nurse to take part to support the amazing work Cavell Nurses' Trust does for nurses in financial crisis. I'd urge you to find a 10k in you, spread awareness amongst your peers and friends and family of nurses in crises, coming together to help make a difference for them when they need it, by fundraising via #10KForNurses this October. Not only will you be raising money for a great cause you'll meet lots of other people through #10kForNurses who like you are totally awesome and fun to be around and get to know, if not in person then via twitter for sure!