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“Hi I am Teresa and I am really looking forward to being involved with #10kForNurses this year. It was a lot of fun last year - I ran and walked and baked a few 10ks and made some great friends along the way. This year I can’t wait to go the extra kilometre and join the #10kForNurses team to hike up Snowdon. It’s a little further than 10k, but all the more time to chat and take some cake breaks !

I hope this year to raise more money and raise more awareness through tweeting and blogging my #10kForNurses 2018 journey. Nurses are amazing people but the fact is that many nurses face hardship everyday and I hope that my #10kForNurses journey will help to support those in need by raising money for the Cavell Nurses Trust.”


"I'm Nick and as a non-nurse (that's OK right?) it can sometimes be difficult to show your appreciation for the amazing impact nurses, midwives and HCA's have on so many lives, so I try and do my bit with a little technology here and there. Through my role focusing on District Nursing I see where services (that's people in real speak) are truly stretched, giving much of their own time to ensure patients' needs are met. Imagine now that they are struggling financially too. Through Cavell Nurses' Trust I've not only seen the financial impact of pressure on nurses but also how to do something about it!

I'll be encouraging everyone to take up a #10kForNurses challenge. You don't need to be a nurse to take part to support the amazing work Cavell Nurses' Trust does for nurses in financial crisis. I'd urge you to find a 10k in you and spread awareness of nurses in crisis amongst your peers, friends and family, and come together to help make a difference for them when they need it, by fundraising via #10kForNurses this October. Not only will you be raising money for a great cause you'll meet lots of other people who, like you, are totally awesome and fun to be around and get to know, if not in person then via twitter for sure!"


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Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm walking 10k steps a day this October. I am supporting Cavell Nurses' Trust as they are there to support nurses, midwives and HCAs when they need a little help and care themselves.

Since I started my challenge I have found that the trust in which I work as a nurse, Northampton General Hospital has become a founder "Working with" member of Cavell Nurses' Trust. This makes me so proud to be part of a trust that cares and supports it's nursing workforce. #TeamNGH

Hi I'm Martina and I am delighted to be able to join #10kForNurses this October to help raise important funds for, as well as awareness of Cavell Nurses' Trust.

As a nurse I know the importance of nurses, midwives and health care assistants being able to stay in work and care for others. Following spinal surgery I was fortunate to be able to have time off to recover and return to full health but episodes like this or family crises often cause financial difficulties for a lot of nurses. Cavell Nurses' Trust is so important for support at times like this.

I would really appreciate any support for my 10k cycle and 10k walk.

Hi I'm Jo and I'm running 10km. Yes me, the girl who used to spend PE lessons hiding in a cupboard to avoid doing anything! (Apologies if any of my former teachers are reading this).

I'm fundraising for Cavell Nurses' Trust because I know many fellow nurses who have required extra support through hard times. Nursing is a tough profession, physically and emotionally, and we need to stick by one another as much as we can. The support of the Cavell Nurses' Trust has become more important than ever as pay caps and service cuts have taken their toll.

We nurse because we care, and that means also caring for our colleagues and ourselves.

Hi I'm Amanda and I'm walking 10km with a group of fellow nurses for Cavell Nurses' Trust because Nurses, Midwives & HCA's need help too.

We will be walking across the beautiful Duddon Estuary in Cumbria on Saturday 7th October. This will be a great opportunity to get active, enjoy the fantastic Lake District views, tweet and talk as we walk! In doing so we will be supporting the work of Cavell Nurses' Trust.

Hi I’m Natasha, and together with a few of my colleagues I'll be running 10k on 1st October in Greenwich Park. We work within the Healthcare sector, interacting with people on the front line in hospitals and clinics on a daily basis. We believe that our nurses, midwives, and HCA's do a fantastic job, day in day out and in tough environments, and we want to support those in need of a little extra help outside of work.

I am still a little daunted by the idea of running 10k, as are my colleagues, so any support will be welcome! If you don’t want to run 10k, there are so many other activities you can do to support our nurses in the #10kForNurses challenge!

Hi, my name is Sonia. I'm knitting as many blankets as I can containing 10,000 stitches. I've never worked in the nursing industry but I've run marathons and done a skydive to raise money for charity. Now at 75 my running days are over!

However in the last 18 months I've come to realise the true value of nurses following my partner being diagnosed with CLL and Hodgkins disease. This has resulted in many chemo sessions and weekly visits from our local district nurses. They are playing a vital role in our lives at the moment and we are forever grateful that they are there for us. It's very apparent that they are all overstretched due to many of their colleagues on sick leave from stress, injury etc. I am so happy to support this cause. Please dig deep and help them and do your #10kForNurses!

I've been a nurse for nearly four decades and have been fortunate to have not suffered extreme hardship. I know that some nursing professionals aren't so fortunate so I see this opportunity as a way of helping others in the nursing community who need support by raising money for Cavell Nurses' Trust.

Due to an injured knee I can't currently walk or run 10k, so instead, as I love baking, I will do a 10k calorie challenge. I hope this will create a double benefit. People can sponsor me to bake cakes with a total of 10k calories. Those who then get to eat the cakes can make a donation too!

I am now busy perusing cake books to choose the cakes I am going to make for the challenge. What will your #10kForNurses be?

Hi, we're the Premier IT team and we're going to be playing 10,000 seconds of tennis (that's 2 hours and 47 minutes) for Cavell Nurses' Trust because we want to raise money to support nurses!

At Premier IT, we understand the hardships nurses face on a day to day basis. Whether it's personal or financial hardship, disability or domestic abuse. We wanted to support Cavell Nurses' Trust because we fully admire the work they do to help nurses every day.

Nurses save people's lives, we can't do without them. Many of our friends and families may not have survived if it wasn't for their dedication and compassion, so we wanted to join #10kForNurses to show nurses how much we appreciate them, and how much we value what they do. Please support us in raising money for such an important charity, and help us be #HereForNurses!”

At the British Journal of Nursing we understand the invaluable contribution nurses and healthcare assistants make every single day, and so it was a no brainer for us to get involved in the #10kForNurses challenge.

We’ll be baking and selling 10k calories worth of cakes, biscuits and savoury treats in our own very own Bake Off competition, and selling them all to our colleagues to raise money for this fantastic campaign. Good luck to everyone doing their bit for nurses!

Hi I'm Natalia! I'm really excited about running a 10k on the 1st October in Greenwich with the #10kForNurses team. Running 10k will be a challenge as I've faced a few set-backs in my training over the past year but I have been inspired to do the race to say thank you to the wonderful nurses that look after us all.

Nurses go above and beyond for us and I'm determined to raise money this October to make sure they can always get help when they need it. Get inspired and do 10k your way this October and let's support nurses together!

Hi, I'm Jo and I'm a Registered Nurse based in Greater Manchester.

On 29th October, I shall be walking #10KforNurses in Birmingham, mostly along Canal tow paths. It's a great opportunity to get active, enjoy the views, tweet and talk as we walk, and eat cake! This walk also contributes to a personal challenge started in January where I pledged to walk 1000 miles outdoors during 2017 and I'm on target to complete this by the end of the year. I feel fitter for it, and believe walking is good for mental health too.

Through learning about the work of Cavell Nurses' Trust, I have become aware of the hardships faced by nurses, midwives and HCA's. It's hard to imagine how difficult life is in such circumstances and Cavell Nurses' Trust is the lifeline they need. We never know what lies ahead for us and whilst I can, I am happy to donate to this much needed charity.

We hope to raise at least £100 through the #10KforNurses walk in Birmingham. Come and join us!

“Hi, I’m Karen and I recently retired from the NHS having started my nursing journey on 4th September 1975. That seems so long ago, yet the years have just flown by. I had my 60th birthday in April, thankfully enjoy good health and want to keep it that way.

I know there are many nurses, midwives and HCA’s not as fortunate as me so I’ll be doing my bit to help others in October with my 4,3,2,1 challenge. That’s 4k on the treadmill, 3k on the bike, 2k on the rower, then to round it off 1k in the pool making up my 10k. That’s the biggest part of the challenge, and of course because I’m going to do the 4 parts, one after the other in the same day. So come on, join in as we each do our own #10KForNurses.”

"Hi I'm Lily and I'm a student nurse. A group of fellow student nurses and I will be running the Finsbury Park 10k in London this October. We can’t wait!

Nurses are facing countless challenges at the moment, inside and outside of the hospital. We want to be part of the message being sent to nurses by Cavell Nurses' Trust saying: you are not alone, we will stand together.

Don’t feel you have to do a run, play to your strengths. Do something fun that includes other people. Take plenty of pictures and enjoy yourself!"

"Hi I'm Joan, following my Tweetathon last year, where I ran the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon while tweeting every mile during the race, I have decided to do it all over again. I heard that WeNurses and Cavell Nurses’ Trust were looking for 100 volunteers to join the #10KForNurses challenge, and I just knew I needed to join in.

On the 22nd of October I will be running around Sheffield in aid of Cavell Nurses’ Trust. But I will be doing it with a twist. I will be HOPPING around the streets of Sheffield HOPing to raise a lot a cash to help fellow nurses, midwives and HCAs going through hardship."

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"Hello my name is Paul and I am doing a run for my #10kForNurses.

I have increased my exercise over the last few years with the gym and cycling and have recently taken up running when Park Run gave me the momentum – that soon went out of the window when children’s activities took over on a Saturday morning – so taken to running up and down Blackpool Prom and in the gym on a weekly basis after doing the couch to 5k challenge – I have recently worked myself up to a 10k run/walk.

My aim and momentum is to try and enthuse others into taking the exercise plunge and giving something a go, whilst raising money and awareness of the struggles that our nursing colleagues and friends who need our help are going through. So do get involved – it’s fun and who knows how it will inspire you further!"