Meet the #10kForNurses sponsor team

#10kForNurses 2019 is proudly supported by incredible organisations standing up for UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants suffering hardship. 


Campaign Partner – WeNurses

#10kForNurses started in partnership with the leading online community for nurses – WeNurses! We are so proud to work together with the WeNurses team to support nursing professionals suffering hardship across the UK.

Teresa Chinn, Nurse and WeNurses Founder “The important thing is that we come together, have fun and raise money to help support our nursing friends who are facing hardship. So how about making October your favourite month and join me and hundreds of others in doing 10k your way for the awesome Cavell Nurses’ Trust”



Campaign Champion – Medacs Healthcare

The Medacs Healthcare team “Nurses are at the heart of everything we do. They give so much time providing care to others that they sometimes forget to care for themselves. Medacs Healthcare are supporting #10kForNurses as a way to give back to the nurses who give so much.”



Campaign Friend – Thornbury Nursing Services and the Scottish Nursing Guild

Sara James, Chief Operating Officer, Thornbury Nursing & the Guild ‘’We are delighted and proud to once again support Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s #10kForNurses 2019. Thornbury Nursing & The Guild have been working with nurses throughout the UK for over 35 years and we see the difficulties many of them experience. We look forward to campaigning and fundraising for this incredible charity and hope that our efforts will help nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants in their time of need.’’



Campaign Friend – MPS Healthcare

Alyx Peters, Managing Director, MPS Healthcare “MPS Healthcare are thrilled to be a part of #10kForNurses 2019! Established in 2000, MPS Healthcare has built a successful business through our unique service offering. We provide a quality workforce solution to our clients by putting patient care, innovation and customer service at the heart of everything we do.”



Campaign Friend – L&R Medical UK

Jane Fox, Marketing Director, L&R Medical UK “L&R are very proud to support the Cavell Nurses’ Trust #10kForNurses2019 campaign. The work that Cavell Nurses’ Trust does to transform the lives of nursing professionals in their time of need is remarkable and we can’t wait to continue fundraising for this brilliant charity.”



If your organisation wants to show your support of nurses in hardship, you can be a part of #10kForNurses too!
Get in touch with the fundraising team on 01527 595 999 or to chat about sponsorship opportunities.